EAFPN Conference June 2022 at The Unicorn Centre - The Power of Together, Hearts, Minds & Hooves

On the 10th and 11th June 2022 we were once again blessed to be able to enjoy the wonderful facilities at the Unicorn Centre, Stow on the Wold.

The theme of the conference was ‘The Power of Together- Hearts, Minds & Hooves’ and the agenda and presentations were varied, pertinent and as always I am so grateful to the presenters but also incredibly proud of the calibre and experience of our members who give freely and generously of their time and experience to enable us all to learn and grow in our own practices.

The list of presenters and their information is below:-

Claire Misson

Claire, whose original career was as a Chartered Surveyor working in the Corporate sector for 25 years, is an Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner & Coach, Senior LEAP Practitioner, Fellow of the ACCPH and Founder of the Equine Assisted and Facilitated Practitioner’s Network. In 2005 she set up Mirror Me EFL, working with children, young people and adults and has recently set up Equanimity Coaching to provide EFL and Coaching including Project HORSES (Helping Others Realise Self Esteem and Success) which is an 8 week programme based on the LEAP Young Person’s programme. Claire has worked for many years with Corporate clients and recently has facilitated EAFPN Development Days with Becci Godfrey and Wendy Price and NHS Wellbeing Days with Becci and David Harris.



The Breakout session will be a Mindfulness activity focusing on ‘Your Future You’ and horses will be present in the session.


Dr Clare Thomas-Pino

Clare completed a (BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Animal Behaviour, and Masters study and research in Developmental, Social and Health Psychology, this was followed by an Interdisciplinary PhD in the USA, incorporating the core components of a Counselor Education Masters, along with a focus on nature based and animal-assisted interventions and anthrozoology. Her doctoral dissertation looked at the impacts of Human-Equine Interaction on both horses and people, through the lens of Attachment Theory.

She has worked in nature based and animal-assisted interventions (AAI) for the last 18 years and has been a grant reviewer and SAC member for HHRF since its inception. She was a member of the EFMHA BOD and chaired the research committee (part of what is now PATH International), completing 2 annotated bibliographies on EAS in the mid to late 2000’s. She is a subject matter expert for Pet Partners and IAHAIO, and a content reviewer for Leif Hallberg’s 2018 books The Clinical Practice of Equine Assisted Therapy & The Equine Assisted Therapy Workbook.

She has worked with animals, particularly horses, for over 40 years, has developed and taught courses and worked on research projects on topics related to Animal Behavior, Anthrozoology and AAI. Until 2022 she was based in the USA, on a diversified animal farm in Maine where she had worked for almost 16 years in programs from Animal Science to Psychology and Counselor Education and Rehabilitation Services for the UMaine System, Husson University and Unity College. Courses she developed included: Mind-Body Connection, Medical Issues for Mental Health Counselors, Livestock and Companion Animal Behavior, and Equine Nutrition, along with 5 courses in Green Care, AAI and Anthrozoology for USM online Professional Development. She recently returned to the UK where she is Lecturer and Programme Manager of the BSc (Hons) Human Animal Interaction at Hartpury University.

What about the Horses? Developing methods for easily evaluating our horses wellbeing.

This breakout session will be an opportunity to discuss and begin to formulate consensus for an ongoing project developing a simple method for evaluating subtle changes in a horse’s behaviour to aid in the evaluation of horse’s daily wellbeing. Horses within Equine Assisted Services (EAS) provide a key component and maintaining and improving their wellbeing is an essential extension of our role as practitioners and horse handlers/equine specialists. Subtle behaviours indicating discomfort or distress can sometimes be overlooked, sometimes resulting in more substantial behaviour changes that may negatively impact the horse’s role within EAS. The development of an easy and standardized evaluation method incorporating each horse’s baseline normal into its assessment, can be a way of ‘seeing’ changes before they become problematic or cause extensive distress to the horses, often resulting in complications (and costs) for the humans working with them.

Prof. Ann Hemingway

Dr Ann Hemingway is Professor of Public Health at Bournemouth University, UK. She is an experienced researcher working on cross disciplinary international funded research projects. Ann currently has two grants with the European Commission across five different countries focused on improving health and wellbeing and reducing inequities in health across different age and income groups. Ann has been invited to join a World Health Organisation evidence advisory group focused on public health and a national strategy group to underpin research career development. For the last 10 years Ann has been a student of natural horsemanship and has been undertaking research into the impacts of learning natural horsemanship on behavior and mental health particularly for young people and families. Most recently Ann has been working with a multidisciplinary team to capture EEG (electroencephalogram, brain activity) and psychophysiological measures (emotional response, heart rate, heart rate variability) in humans while learning natural horsemanship while also recording heart rate and heart rate variability in the horses involved. The team are currently analyzing the data from this study.

Ann’s presentation will be focused on her research into Domestic Abuse and it’s affects during the pandemic/lockdown.

Lynda J Watson

Lynda is Director of HorseTouch Life Design. Lynda is Editor of Equine Leadership magazine &has spent the last seven years bringing people together from around the world to share the voice and the wisdom of the horse. Over the years multiple platforms have emerged to share that voice.

Conference Extract:-

                  Humans inspired by Horses - One Question No-Agenda

Inspired by the voice and the wisdom of the horse

One popular and very powerful platform has been the dialogues: 3 Questions~6 Answers~No Agenda. Lynda will join the EAFPN conference this year to recreate those session where participants can share their own open hearts and equine inspired wisdom. Join us for a ‘dialogue’ of sort that has no agenda but to share space and ‘dance’ in the wisdom of the known and unknown. Wise humans dedicated to the horse-human relationship and what that means for the planet and our future.


Each participant brings one question to the space. Each question will then be answered by other participants (as many as time will allow) from their own unique heart space. Those that attend will leave with more perspectives than they came with. Perspectives are not to be changed but gathered and shared.


We ask participants to bring no agenda, no models, no advice - just your question. Definitely do bring your curiosity and an open heart. Who knows where the dialogue will go but it will surely be filled with wisdom, aha moments and love. And of course, full of the essence of the horses.


Link to one of our previous 3 Humans~6questons~No Agenda sessions:


Wondering what kind of question to bring? Here are a few from past dialogues:

It is said that nature holds truth. What truth do the horses hold?

What do you feel is the biggest shift that humans will need to make and how does the equine collective guide us thru that shift?

What have horses taught us about the expression of love? 

Sharon Wood

The founder and CEO of Horses for Causes, Sharon set up a not-for-profit organisation in 2010 with the vision of making a difference to the quality of people’s lives. Her diverse background and training enable her to help clients pursue their long-term goals through Equine Assisted Learning and Coaching. Working alongside schools, colleges, CCG’s, County and District councils and other governing bodies, Sharon and her team also provide services that support people of all ages with varied degrees of Mental health challenges.

Life’s Rainbow was nothing but a metaphoric acorn. An idea that grew and when researched, it became the mighty oak tree. Each person will have their own interpretation as to what a rainbow means. Whilst the greater the storm the brighter rainbow might be relevant, Sharon and her equine friends invite you to explore and embrace the rainbow (if you see it!).  

Sun Tui Meyer

Sun Meyer is Founder the IFEEL Method,  CEO of IFEEL Method Qualifications and Founder and Clinical Lead of Dare to Live Trust that delivers a suite of trauma focused human behaviour change programmes, based on the IFEEL Method. Initial service evaluations on the IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology (EFPT) have been done by Kings (2014) and Hartpury University (2019). Sun has been dedicated to the development of professional standards of training and practice within the Human Equine Interactions (HEI) field since 2007, focusing significantly on collecting both qualitative and quantitive service outcome data since 2011. Sun has always spoken up passionately that the successful application of any human development, learning, psychological and clinical practice with in any HEI practice, is fundamentally dependent of the welfare needs of horses and IFEEL Method's Equine Centred Relational Horsemanship model, developed with Jennie Eichner, is part of the next round of the IFEEL Method evidence outcome evaluations.

www.IFEELmethod.com www.daretolive.org.uk  sun@IFEELmethod.com

Sun Tui Meyer will be presenting with:-

Sarah Paton Briggs

Sarah Paton Briggs combines her clinical and managerial experience with equine-facilitated therapy programmes. She specialises in trauma and relationship (or sometimes the trauma of relationship). From a psychotherapy base, she trained with LEAP and then with IFEEL Method, before adopting a tutor role on IFEEL Method's inaugural Level 6 in equine-facilitated psychotraumatology and supervision of equine-facilitated practitioners.

For her private work through Ashlar Evolution, Sarah holds multiple accreditations as a therapist, supervisor, equine-facilitated practitioner, and trauma specialist.

She is also directs the suite of courses in her role as a founder of The Grove Practice: a centre of excellence in CPD for mental health practitioners – where multiple members of EAPFN have successfully trained to empower their equine practice.

www.ashlar-evolution.com    www.thegrovepractice.com 07973 368512 sarah@ashlar-evolution.com


In 2017 Sun and Sarah were commissioned by the insurers of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to develop the psychological trauma treatment service for Grenfell Fire survivors and their families.


Trauma Informed Research: Up, Down, and Sideways: New Directions in Trauma Treatment

Trauma can show up unannounced or in unexpected ways during equine-facilitated sessions. This can strongly affect clients, the facilitator, and importantly the horses. That's why IFEEL Method Qualifications has developed a new model integrating trauma-specialised practice for equine-facilitated practitioners. If you've seen clients or horses or practitioners become dissociated or emotionally dysregulated, this presentation is for you. It covers how different approaches are needed for different ways of responding when trauma is present: up (body-based), down (cognitive), sideways (emotional); we show how trauma stress frameworks can be integrated with polyvagal theory alongside major strands of psychology such as CBT, psychodynamic relational, and sensorimotor. Why does this matter? It equips equine-facilitated practitioners to select a suitable intervention according to where the client is at, without retraumatising or shaming them – in a way that upholds the welfare for the horses as primary.

Esther Delisle

Esther is the President of the Institute of Canadian Animal Assisted Interventions, based in Quebec in Canada. She is an author with a Ph.D. in Political Science. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/esther-delisle-ph-d-678953163/)

In 2004, she became a certified animal-assisted therapist. She has worked with people with Alzheimer's, dementia, mental retardation and with people in palliative care (end of life).

Esther implemented two programs of animal-assisted learning in 3 elementary schools in Montreal. Based on that experience, she co-wrote an article published in the magazine Childhood Education International (2012.) She sat for many years on the board of the Corporation des zoothérapeutes du Québec (Quebec Corporation of Animal-Assisted Therapists.)  She also participated in many international conferences on the topic of Human-Animal interactions. She gave a presentation at the 14th triennial conference of IAHAIO (Paris, 2016)

She gave three presentations at the Second Internationale Conference on Innovations in Animal-Assisted Therapy (Jerusalem 2013)​

Esther will be presenting, via Zoom with her colleague Francoise Callamand-Mayer.

Francoise Callamand-Mayer

Françoise Callamand-Mayer is Vice-president of the Quebec Corporation of Animal-Assisted Therapists (CZQ).

She was certified by the CEGEP of La Pocatiere in animal-assisted therapy in 2018. She owns her company “La Zoothérapie de l’Ouest” in Montreal. She works with her dogs, cats and horses. Over the years, she has worked with children with learning difficulties as an early childhood educator and a specialized educator. She is certified in horse-facilitated leadership from The Namaste barn and The Lombrette Equestrian Farm (Equine Facilitated Wellness).


Wendy Firmin – Price

Wendy Felicity Firmin-Price, spiritual life coach, speaker and award-winning international author transforms people’s lives, relationships and confidence levels through the Healing Power of Horses.

Through sharing successful spiritual principles, the importance of self-love and spending time with her special herd of horses, Wendy transports you on a journey of Self Discovery and Self Mastery with magical and life-changing results to all your relationships in the home, at work and with yourself.

As a pioneer 30years ago of Equine-assisted coaching and her therapeutic riding programme, Wendy has helped many people overcome their fears and increase their confidence in both their riding and life. Wendy went on to provide her unique HEART equine-assisted therapy and coaching programmes for people from all walks of life, helping even those in the most desperate of situations find peace, direction and clarity.

Wendy’s flagship Level 6 equivalent course the HEART Foundation Course and the HEART Equine Assisted Coach Training Programme are hugely transformative and highly sought after for those wishing to seriously upgrade their own life and maybe go on to help other people with the healing power of horses.

Wendy’s HEART at Work corporate Equine-Assisted Training programmes and Equine-assisted Executive Coaching particularly helps businesses of all sizes reduce the stresses and conflicts within thereby increasing their success and harmonious working conditions. She is particularly an expert in helping stressed, depressed and those 5,6,7 figure entrepreneurs needing a rest find peace, purpose and prosperity in all areas of their life.

Her highly acclaimed work has been featured on BBC Radio 4s ALL in the Mind, Daily Mail, many magazines and is a regular speaker at events. Her qualifications include Metaphysical Practitioner (Supervisor level) and H.E.A.R.T equine assisted therapist and spiritual mentor. She is an Internationally Accredited Fellow Life Coach.

Wendy has been an avid horsewoman for over 50years and is a qualified Holistic Riding instructor and proprietor of the Holistic Horse and Pony Centre in Surrey. Also integrated here is the HEART Equine-assisted Therapy Centre and her new charitable company, Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses CIC that specifically supports teenagers that are feeling stressed, scared or struggling to help them feel safe, supported and strong.

Her latest book “I’mperfect as I am -Break free from the Prison of Perfectionism to a whole new level of Self-love, Self-acceptance and Self-confidence” made number #1 in several countries and in the top #3 in multiple categories in its launch week

Wendy’s passion for helping people comes through in her unique style of warmth, wit and Wendyisms! www.theheartcentreuk.com wendy@theheartcentreuk.com mobile (44) 7801 567850Conference


‘Panoramic Perspectives’ – how we view the world and others and how they view the world and us. A perspective for Facilitators about their own practice with clients. Wendy is assisted in this session by Becci Godfrey. This will be a session for all participants and with five horses in the main arena.

Becci Godfrey

After years working in both the private, public and charitable sectors Becci, a former ecologist, soon realised her childhood experiences with horses had given her skills no other training could give. Backed by her charismatic grey horse Murphy, she trained in the EAHAE model and founded HorseSense UK in 2010. In 2018 she trained with Jackie Lowe Stevenson and expanded her approach to integrate her health coaching practice, specialising in providing wellbeing sessions in nature.

At present, Becci and her herd help children and adults to have a more peaceful, authentic and confidence-filled relationship with themselves. The team are also part way through delivering several Wellbeing Days for NHS staff which have been exceptionally well received. Becci is a member of the Association For Coaching, author Of When Horses Talk And Humans Listen and has been instrumental in providing Continuing Professional Development for Equine Assisted practitioners since 2013. www.HorseSenseUK.com

Dr Danielle Mills

Danielle has worked in the field of mental health since she was 18 and specialises in working with children and young people. She has experience of working within psychiatric inpatient care, community mental health settings, education settings and residential care within the statutory, private and voluntary sector. I am also a Lecturer in Children and Young People at the University of Derby.

Pluralistic Psychotherapy (complete in July 2022), PhD Nursing Studies (June 2020), HERD Faculty Member (May 2019), Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision (January 2019), HERD Institute Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy Certification (Existential-Integrative) (August 2018), LEAP Senior Practitioner (October 2017), Crossfields Institute Level 5 Diploma in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy: The LEAP Method (October 2017), LEAP Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Training (September 2015), Level 4 Diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling (June 2011)

Danielle is supporting Freedom Zamapaladus and his presentation, ‘Representation: Diversity and Inclusion’.

Holly Lieberson

Holly Lieberson is a qualified Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner working with Children and Young People (Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education:IATE), and trained with International Institute of Animal Assisted Play TherapyTM. She has extensive experience working in multi-agency contexts including Education, Youth Work, Charity sector alongside statutory services in a therapeutic context. Holly worked at Ebony Horse Club as Youth Work Manager for 7 years, an inner-city community horse riding charity in Brixton London; providing access to the multifaceted benefits of being with horses in a safe inclusive environment. Her work focused on offering opportunities to young people who may otherwise encounter blocks to accessing horses for a diverse range of reasons and helping in their development of life skills, education, community participation, and building aspirations and personal growth. Currently Holly works as Therapeutic Programme Lead at Strength & Learning Through Horses in Barnet, London where her work utilises Equine Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Horsemanship to support young people struggling with mental health, parent & YP groups with YP At Risk of exclusion & offending and HMP Thameside Prison project. Holly also works in private practice alongside horses and dogs and continues research, training and CPD into current modes of Animal Assisted Interventions.

Holly is supporting Freedom Zamapaladus and his presentation, ‘Representation: Diversity and Inclusion’. 

Fr33dom Zamapaladus 

Freedom Zamapaladus is the founder of The Urban Equestrian Academy. He is a respected member of the community, a public speaker, a published author, a presenter, actor and an experienced equestrian specialist in the UK and the Caribbean. Freedom has vast experience in Youth & Community work. Freedom Zampaladus is a fully qualified racehorse trainer and horse breeder. Freedom was formerly employed by the largest Arabian Stub Farm in the UK at the time “Umm Qarn Farms”, which belonged to the ruler of Qatar at the time HRH Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Thani

Freedom was introduced to the word of equestrianism through his uncle in Antigua at the age of 14, after his parents left the UK (Leicester) to relocate. His uncle owned a race yard and at the age of the 17 he became a professional racehorse trainer. This led him to oversee and manage all duties at my Uncles Race yard “Ocean Pacific Stables”. That is where I was introduced to the equine world.

Freedom Zampaladus is a published author. His book 'From The Hood 2 Horses'. The book details his life between the ages of 14 – 19. A lot happened during this time period. One could say, this period of his life directly shaped him into the person he is today. Once you read his book you will understand where his vision for the The Urban Academy came from. The Kindle Edition of the book will also be available through Amazon shortly.

Freedom will be presenting on the topic of ‘Representation: Diversity and Inclusion’ and will be supported by Dr Danielle Mills and Holly Lieberson.

The ‘World Of Horses’ Presentation

My Lived Experience as a Black Man working in the Equine Sector Speech


1.     Institutionalised (Governing bodies not doing nothing, not taking us seriously until George Floyd/ BLM, Lack of Diversity, Lack of Access, Lack of Participation, Research after research, funding decisions, feeling unwelcome, no sense of belonging)

2.     Direct (Scraptoft, Kirby Mallory, Tugby)


Horses Are Our Heritage

1.     White Privilege

2.     Knowing more than us

3.     Our own cultural barriers/ lack of engagement over here compared to over there

4.     Horses, History and Heritage

1.     Social Isolation


Many Great People

1.     Many new friends

2.     Views changed dramatically

3.     Lessons learned

4.     Standing steadfast

5.     One of the founders of the British Equestrian Federations ‘Equality Engagement Group’.

Taking Action


1.     Holding Governing bodies accountable to their words/ actions or lack thereof. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.horseandhound.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fbritish-equestrian-to-receive-5-million-to-level-up-access-to-horse-sport-789253%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3sI3LeRsqVj6yAQtDxWbw6LrY359IGzRM9_OxfjWP3HDLmZVe11zekAX8&h=AT3mu2SaH8gnV4rdq5E0OnBRpzlgqNaO7K0IdK3LvGbga3BwrLlEqATd0c0b3-Qer7yjukxFema3pxyKUHNFUXESL40BRa6XYDOA1W9cbZLcoo8CFHH4vF1-ehdU&s=1

2.     Bringing people together through Horses (Community Cohesion)

3.     Changing Lives

4.     Lasting Impact

5.     Franchising UEA

6.     Getting you involved (Book, Funding, Launching our Crowdfunding live, Invite to Tugby to live our experience through a follow up event)

7.     Emancipation Hack 2022

8.     UEACG

Dr Hannah Burgon

Dr Hannah Burgon PhD, MA DipSW, MSc, BSc, Cert in Counselling, Cert in Riding Therapy (CEO and Founder)
Hannah is a qualified Social Worker and has completed training in Riding Therapy and Equine Facilitated Learning. She also holds a Certificate in Counselling, and has a PhD into the benefits of Equine-Assisted Therapy & Learning from Cardiff University. Her book ‘Equine-Assisted Therapy and Learning with At-Risk Young People’ was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014.

Hannah ia presenting with her colleague and Chair of the Board of Trustees at Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship, Sarah Urwin.

The presentation is focussed on the welfare of equines working in equine assisted interventions.

Sarah Urwin

Sarah Urwin; Reg. MBACP (Accred) Counsellor/Psychotherapist. BSc., Adv. Dip. Couns., Dip. Supervision, RMA, FdA(HCare), EAGALA Cert. (2004-2021), Member HETI (Horses in Education & Therapy), Member Social Farms & Gardens - meeting their Code of Practice. Chair of trustees for Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship CIO.

Sarah has a background in local government, agricultural management and training. For the past 22 years she has worked in a variety of Health and Social Care settings, as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, including working Outside with clients and alongside horses and other animals, practising Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy. Sarah supervises and trains practitioners across the UK , is passionate about this work, and committed to raising standards in the field.

Anna Collins

Anna is the Human Equine Interaction Register UK Project Manager

The UK Human Equine Interaction Register was launched in March 2022 following consultation with the sector and an intention to create a useful resource to meet everyone’s needs. Anna will explain how the UK Register and criteria was developed and what it means for the UK sector for providers, funders and service users. There will be an overview of the evidence required to join the Register and HETI’s plans to learn from both the Irish and UK pilot projects and introduce further international registers. Anna is keen to hear your views and there will be time for questions and feedback.

Anna is a Chartered Marketer and Associate of the Consultation Institute by profession and a freelance project manager with experience of public sector service change programmes. She was previously a Director in the NHS and was Communication and Engagement Mananager in policing.

Anna has been riding since the age of 6 and competes her former racehorses in endurance. She is the national liaison between Retraining of Racehorses and Endurance Great Britain and was the RoR Elite Endurance Champion in 2017.

Emma Taylor

Emma is an HR professional with 15 years’ experience in creating leadership change as an HR professional within large and medium-sized organisations. Emma works with executives and organisations to improve their leadership, confidence and trust using horses.

Emma has always lived around horses and believes they have had a pivotal role in her personal development. They are perfect fit for the way she work with their innate understanding of the way we, human beings, operate. We operate in teams, so do they; we look for security and confidence, so do they; we look up to leaders, so do they.

At The Leadership Whisperers We passionately pursue conscious leadership in every interaction, creating sustainable behavioural change that transforms people, business and society.

Based in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire and operating globally, The Leadership Whisperers was founded in November 2014 to promote leaders working in harmony with themselves and each other everywhere.

Conference Abstract

‘Creating Safe Space’ – modelling ‘The Power of Together’ and exploring our presence as Facilitators. This session is a Team Approach and Emma will be joined by Dr Sue Binks, David Harris, Sharon Harris and her PRE STALLION Novato Salvatella, aka Professor Sparkington, who will co-facilitate. 

Dr Sue Binks




Sue is an experienced Learning and Development practitioner and trusted partner, creating nationally recognised talent development solutions for large, complex organisations. An occupational psychologist with 25 years’ experience of developing leaders and organisations across all sectors and levels of seniority. Sue has a passion for facilitating deep, personal learning that creates sustainable behavioural and mindset shifts. Her true calling though is developing other developers. In 2019 Sue completed her professional doctorate entitled: “Facilitating Leadership Development with Horses: Underpinnings of Practice”. As an EALD practitioners herself, she wanted to support all those engaged in developing leaders with horses to keep refining their expertise and growing their confidence to work with one of the most effective leadership development methods she have ever come across.

July 2020-Present

The Equine Facilitator



November 2020-Present

Henley Business School

Business Development Director


July 2005 – July 2020

Roffey Park Management Institute, West Sussex

Head of Quality and Ethics, Senior Consultant


Professional Doctorate – University of Middlesex – 2013- 2019 (Completed February 2019)

Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching – University of Sussex – 2011

M.Sc. in Occupational Psychology – University of Hertfordshire – 1995- 1996

B.Sc. (Hons) in Psychology – University of Manchester – 1991-1994

Chartered Member of British Psychological Society


David Harris & Sharon Harris

In 2004 David left his Managing Director role and founded Acorns to Oaks together with his wonderful wife Sharon. They now provide Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE) for individuals and organisation. They work with self esteem, leadership, team building skills and find that working with the horses is the fastest, most effective way of developing these essential skills. Their new and exciting future lies with their partnership with Global Warriors.

Supporting Emma Taylor, Dr Sue Binks and Professor Sparkington.

Sandra Wright

Sandra is a trainer, mentor & coach. Her clients include women and men working under pressure and juggling busy careers, teams, and personal lives. She specialises in supporting others balance emotional wellbeing, to communicate successfully and find fulfilment from within.

Her learning and development career spans 8 years coaching Executives and Senior Directors and Managers to be the catalyst of organisational change and facilitating accredited Institute of Leadership and Management [ILM] courses to middle and senior level management.

Her sessions are brought to life through 25 years of commercial experience in corporate consumer goods industries in client facing management and leadership roles.

After experiencing adrenal fatigue and burnout, Sandra retrained as an equine-assisted coach and wellbeing coach to encourage stressed-out individuals better navigate their midlife and achieve their ambitions; whilst putting themselves first.

Sandra is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] and a Mental Health First Aid (England) Instructor Member. Who sees individuals before their roles and titles and offers a safe platform for others to experiment to support the learning and growth.

Website : www.sandrawright.co.uk 

"Compassion Fatigue – The Cost of Caring''
As equine-assisted practitioner , you help people overcome challenges to live their very best lives.

It's an incredible thrill knowing you are in a profession where your skill and guidance are changing lives for the better. However, it's important to recognise that any caretaking profession has its stressors. Big ones.

If you constantly put the needs of your clients and your horses above your own or are increasingly overwhelmed by the countless responsibilities you are juggling in your job or business, compassion fatigue or burnout can creep into your life.

I am on a mission of getting us talking opening about our mental and emotional health to helping you get joy and fulfilment from your career, both now and in the future. So, let's discover what compassion fatigue and burnout really are, and the ways you can reduce their impact or avoid them entirely.

Judy Brightman

Judy is a coach with over 30 years’ experience in global consulting firms and corporate groups in leadership development and assessment and change management working with both individuals and facilitating group workshops. She has supported hundreds of people in managing career transitions. Her practice, Mindful Horse, Mindful Leader is based in Wallabadah, NSW, Australia She can be contacted at judy@mindfulhorsemindfulleader.com A recommended Eponaquest Instructor, Judy has explored several models of equine experiential learning, training with some of the most highly respected pioneers in the field as well as some of the emerging leaders. She brings a rich diversity of life experience to all sessions.

For over 18 years Judy was an accredited Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Coach and for 7 years chaired RDA NSW’s Equine Facilitated Mental Health & Learning Committee. In this capacity she worked with colleagues to develop and implement coach training in equine facilitated learning. She conducted EFL programs and sessions both at RDA and for a family therapy practice but these days her focus is on individual coaching sessions and workshops for women wanting to rediscover their true north and reconnect to their inner wisdom. She also loves teaching leadership presence and conscious influence for professional men and women.

Growing up in Africa, Judy’s innate love of animals and nature was enriched by traditional indigenous wisdom. She has studied with numerous shamanic teachers bringing these healing practices into daily life. With eclectic interests Judy has studied mindfulness, numerous energy healing modalities including Reiki (certified Master and Animal Reiki practitioner) and body-based practices including Qi Gong, acupressure and equine bodywork as well as animal communication. She has trained in trauma-sensitive somatic transformation coaching, tools she finds invaluable in mentoring practitioners of equine assisted activities.

Judy will facilitate our closing piece on Grief and Bereavement:-“Honouring Grief & Loss: Rituals to let go and practices to bring in what you want to embody.” We will start with a trauma-sensitive mindful practice, then talk about grief and loss over the last couple of years of lockdowns. We’ll discuss some ideas for rituals to honour and let go.  You’ll be invited to take 15minutes to conduct a mindful, silent practice out in the grounds, then return to process and discuss.

We will close with a visualisation and somatic practice to call in what we want more of in our lives.

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