Conference 2018 - At the Unicorn Centre, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, UK - 8th & 9th June 2018

So 2018 began with preparations for the 'Voice of the Horse' Conference at the Unicorn Centre where 70 delegates congregated on Friday 8th June for two days of amazing presentations.  The sharing of knowledge and the discussions which came out of the presentations provided invaluable insights into how horses bring so much to the work and how we must in turn give care and consideration to their voices in our work. We thank everyone who attended this event for creating a warm, respectful and fun environment for learning and networking.

The Presenters over the two days are listed below:-

Claire Misson - BA(Hons), LEAP Senior EFL Practitioner

Emma Taylor - The Leadership Whisperers - HR professional with 15 years’ experience in creating leadership change within large and medium-sized organisations & Start Up Business Award Winner 2016 - Women Who Awards (The Leadership Whisperers) &EAHAE International Website Award Winner 2015 (The Leadership Whisperers)

Monica Tomkins - Craniosacral Therapist and the voice of the 'Channel from the Horse'

Jenny Eichner - BSc (hons), Ad Prof Dip PC, Ad Dip EFHD, MSAFE (Accred), MBACP & Programme Director at IFEAL Qualifications Ltd

Sarah Urwin - UKRCP Registered and BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist & EAGALA Certified practitioner

Debbie Busby - MSc, MBPsS, CHBC, Clinical Animal Behaviourist (Equine and Canine), ABTC registered. Expert Witness & Welfare Consultant

Tracie Faa-Thompson - BA, Social Work, MA, Crim, PG NDPT, Clin Hypno, Cert EAGALA, and Certified Filial Therapist and Instructor. Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist, Supervisor, Faculty Member, and Co-founder of the International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy Studies.

Sue Binks - Senior Consultant at Roffey Park Institute: Facilitator, Coach, Consultant and Equine Assisted Leadership Developer.

Milly Shand - British Dressage Group 2 Rider, Grand Prix Dressage Trainer/Competition Rider, British Dressage Trainer and Regional Trainer, BD List 4 Judge (retired), Formerly a Trainer/Competition Rider BSJA and BE, BHSAI and PC ‘A’ (registered instructor with BHS, Life and Executive Senior Coach Dip NMC, EFT Practitioner, Level 2 and Founder of The Concordia Connection

Lynda J Watson - Community builder, professional facilitator and (youth) engagement specialist. Owner at HorseTouch (Ontario, Canada) and 2 organizations that bring the values and skills learned from the horses to the classroom and the boardroom - Dreamation (youth) and Collaborative Evolution (corporate/organization). Online magazine editor (Equine Leadership)

Jennifer Geach -Senior Legal Counsel and Founder and Owner of Athena Wholistic Equicentre CIC and based around the Jamie Jackson Paddock Paradise//Natural Boarding/Track/Equi-Central system.

Paulien Rutgers - Counsellor, Teacher and Owner at AAI Centre De Klimop teaching the power of working with horses in a care setting, and an active member of AAIZOO (Animal Assisted Interventions in Care, Education and Research.

Jessie Sams - BSc Applied Animal Behaviour, Science and Welfare , Beeching Animal Behaviour Consultancy, specialising in work with traumatised animals and supporting owners to prepare their animals for veterinary and husbandry through the use of low stress handling .

Clare Thomas - Anthrozoology and Animal Assisted Activities and Therapies Research & Education.

Clare Macleod - BSc (Equine Science), MSc, Independent Equine Nutritionist and author of 'The Truth About Feeding Your Horse', published in February 2007 by J A Allen.

Harriet Laurie - CEO of TheHorseCourse, Parelli Instructor and THC Facilitator


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